About Us

Company Profile

Cool Link (Holdings) Limited started out in 2001.

We are a Singapore-based importer of food products with over 16 years of experience in the ship supply industry in Singapore.

Our customers comprise Ship Supply Customers and Retail and Food Service Customers. We supply various types of food products including canned food and packaged beverages in the dry category, various dairy products in the chilled category and ice cream and frozen cakes and pies in the frozen category to our Ship Supply Customers, who consist mainly of Ship Chandlers based in Singapore.

Vision 愿景

A leading and reliable food resource management and distributor in the region

From includes : processing , packaging and manufacturing

Mission 使命

We deliver quality and innovative value-added products and services to achieve standard of excellence

Our Values 价值观

  • Excellent Service 优质服务

    We continue to be competitive by providing on-time delivery, do all necessary to achieve exceptional client satisfaction and experience.
  • Teamwork 团队精神

    We take initiative with mutual support and cooperation to achieve desirable result based on overall priority.
  • Productivity 生产力

    We practice daily on doing the right thing at the right time with right length of time with right attitude to achieve desirable outcome.

  • People 人材

    We value everyone who is passionate, self-motivated and in constant improvement for personal and company success.

  • Innovation 创新

    We always think out-of-the-box, find new and better ways to achieve sustainable growth and success.